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On was created by three friends with one common goal – to revolutionize the feeling of running. The heart of the brand is their laboratory, which creates the basis for innovating and developing the cutting-edge technology that forms the foundation of the company. In the Zurich-based On Lab, experiments are carried out to improve energy yield and shock protection to make the products even better. For On, it's about constantly revising, refining, and reconstructing. All On shoes feature CloudTec®, a technology engineered to deliver soft landings and supreme take-offs, as it adapts to you. Their award-winning Cyclon initiative ensures more sustainable products by using bio-based, high-quality, and renewable materials that can be recycled and turned into new products after use. Nevertheless, On uses Speedboard, which they call their secret weapon. Working in harmony with CloudTec, Speedboard converts the kinetic energy from each landing into a powerful take-off, meaning more speed for the same effort. This is how to utilize Swiss technology in a meaningful way.