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"Keeping Iceland warm since 1926". With a statement like that, expect some of the best outerwear the world has to offer. Hans Kristjánsson founded the company with a passion for protective outerwear garments. This passion was born out of necessity. Back then, for the fishermen and people of Iceland, inventing warmer and more protective outerwear was simply a matter of life and death. While this might not be the case anymore, the need for well developed, high performing outerwear still very much exists. The name "66°North" comes from the latitudinal line of the Arctic Circle, which touches the North Western Icelandic city Súgandafjörður, where 66°North was founded back in 1926. Living on the edge of the arctic circle, naturally, comes with a very serious set of challenges. Kristjánsson was very passionate about solving these challenges. This passion, sparked a culture of innovation and drive within his company, that still exists to this day. Other than being incredibly utilitarian, 66°North has recently ventured into more aesthetic pursuits as well. Namely a very successful collaboration with the Danish womenswear brand Ganni. Aesthetically and functionally sound, 66°North jackets are one of the best choices for outerwear that exists. Being around, and staying relevant, for almost a century speaks to the fact that 66°North is a unique story of everlasting passion and innovation.