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Progressive materials, uncompromising quality and a minimalistic design approach. These are some of the key elements that drive Arc’teryx’s urban menswear line Veilance. If you weren’t already in the loop, Arc’teryx is an iconic, Canadian, outerwear brand known for superior quality, durability and extreme outdoor capabilities.

In 2009, Arc’teryx sought to establish a more urban take on their range of outdoor clothing and accessories, which were already known by enthusiasts and industry insiders as some of the very best products in the field. This birthed the creation of Veilance. The philosophy? Performance based menswear that remove the concept of weight and limitation. High-level outdoor technology in a different, more accessible, context. They simply asked the question: Why can’t minimalistic, casual menswear have the same functional properties as outdoor gear?

”Think of a high performing architecture that looks good and moves with your body. That’s sort of like what Veilance is”

Taka Kasuga – Veilance Creative Director

To achieve this, they teamed up with Japanese gore-tex genius Taka Kusaga, formerly designer for Junya Watanabe at Comme des Garcons and consultant for Stone Island’s Shadow Project. His history is heavily tied to the rise of “techwear”, a product category that combines performance-based outerwear with high quality materials and innovative designs. This created the perfect recipe for a new take on urban outerwear and incredible, long-lasting products. Try once and you’ll have a hard time wearing cotton shirts and polyester jackets ever again.