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Without the clutter; without all of the noise - one of the central mantras for Berner Kühl. Cutting through the clutter and noise seems harder and harder in contemporary culture, and fashion in particular. What does it take to create something truly unique, tasteful and timeless? Let's look at, exactly, what Berner Kühl is trying to contribute with and achieve. The Copenhagen based brand was founded in 2019 with aspirations to educate the next generation of consumers on good product. "Good product" might seem like a vague and undefinable term, but to Berner Kühl it's very simple. It's about taking the time. Doing things properly, not easily. The decision to work things all the way through, from the first design and pattern drafts, to material sourcing, production and promotion. The result is products of substance. We all know exactly what defines these products. The bright yellow sweater you bought at half price and wore two times vs. the winter jacket you bought 2 years ago and still can't wait to dig out of storage come October. There is a constant flow of meaningless, excess products being pushed down our throats, but if we stop to consider and start to care, the alternatives appear. Berner Kühl is one of these alternatives. The unique, timeless and serene products stand alone and besides each other in equal harmony. The pieces are created with a focus on utility, nature and emotion. The inspirational universe that surrounds each of these pieces allows them to stand alone and shine independently. This makes them uniquely wearable and versatile - without the clutter; without all of the noise.