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The Comme des Garçons universe is unparalleled by any other fashion brand. The founder and creative director Rei Kawakubo, alongside her husband, and president of the company, Adrian Joffe, have managed to create a true fashion empire. It truly is a full blown universe in every sense of the word. Look anywhere between the plethora of sub-brands, collaborative projects, clothing and perfume lines, and awe inspiring retail concepts, and you will experience this world. Still, it goes deeper than that. Having been honored—as the second living designer in history, the other being Yves Saint-Laurent—with an exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is safe to say that Rei Kawakubo is among the greatest fashion designers living or dead. What was originally founded in 1969 Tokyo, Japan, soon took the world by storm. In the early 1980's, following Kawakubo's first fashion show in Paris, what came to be known as the "anti-fashion" era, was born. She didn't follow the traditions of 70's glamorous and chic French fashion. Quite frankly, she couldn't care less for norms and rules. To this day, she continuous to break barriers and create fascinating garments through all her creative outlets under the Comme des Garçons umbrella. One of these outlets is Comme des Garçons SHIRT. As the name suggests this line was founded with one single clothing item in mind: the shirt. When it was founded in 1988, it stood in stark contrast to Comme's very dark and eclectic fashion shows. Creating a whole clothing line around a single garment, spoke volumes, to the depth of Kawakubo's creative abilities. It has since evolved, and now offers a wider selection of pure and playful products, from t-shirts to Asics shoes. The label focusses on the refinement and development of menswear essentials in particular, never forgetting the button down shirt of course. The deconstructed patterned and striped shirt has been a flagship piece for the line, but the simple white shirts also have a big appeal, due to their high quality and beautiful fit. A big part of Kawakubo's Comme universe remains to be explored, head on down to our store or keep browsing the website, to see our CdG SHIRT selection.