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(di-) is a word-forming element meaning "two, double, twice" - and (di) can be seen as the description of the process where one becomes two. The (di)vision universe is created from the mantra "create from what already is", which is reflected in their collection, created from already existing materials. The collections are inspired by classic silhouettes combined with a multifunctional do-it-yourself aesthetic.

The Copenhagen-based company was founded by the sibling's Nanna and Simon Wick in 2018. They wanted to build a community around the brand and make the company - more than just the products. (Di)visions collection consists of three lines: First (Di)vision, Second (Di)vision, and (Di)construct. The unisex collections are exclusively produced in Europe, and the deadstock fabric used in the collections is purchased by retailers in Italy. stoy will have an exclusive selection from the unisex collection, that will include bomber jackets, trousers, split-tops, and patchwork dresses.