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Dr. Martens were originally famous for their modest work boots, later used by subcultures as a symbol of youth culture and working class – and to this day, the brand is known for its timeless and durable design, used by all types, on all occasions. The Griggs family were known in the early 1900s for producing boots in England, and for six decades they created footwear with a solid reputation for their robustness and durability. The modest work boots were sold as garden shoes, but since then the brand has developed into one of the most culturally relevant brands in the modern era. In the 60s, the classic boot was born, a period marked by change, cultural upheavals, and a social revolution. The radical period brought extravagant and exotic fashion, in a strong contrast to Dr. Martens functional products. The above is an example of how Dr. Martens has always gone against the norm. Their products were later adopted by smaller subcultures as a symbol of self-expression and British youth culture. In 2003, a revitalization of the brand started through collaborations with several high fashion designers from around the world, who reinterpreted the classic designs. Since then, they have collaborated with brands, such as Raf Simons, Stüssy, Supreme and Off White. Although the brand originally focused on function rather than fashion, they have clearly highlighted their role in the fashion industry. Their products are created to appeal to people’s individual style with their authentic character and emerge as a physical representation of individuality and soul. They are famous for their durability and comfort and have since become a symbol of attitude and strength. Dr. Martens must be commended for their consistency in a changing fashion industry, and with classic models like Adrian and 1461, they have secured a place in the essential wardrobe.