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Gramicci has been consistently delivering high perfomance outdoor apparel since it was founded in California, 1982. Throughout Gramicci's, almost, 40 years of existence they have constantly been at the forefront of textile, utility and outdoor apparel innovation. The most influential and iconic garment was, and still is, the classic loose tapered Gramicci pant. The pant features built-in nylon belt and spacious pattern work around the crotch. This allows for maximum comfort and perfomance, without compromising style. Ideal for outdoor activities like pickup basketball games and skateboarding. The pant was originally developed by climbing apparel industry veteran Mike Graham, the founder of Gramicci. He was part of a climbing group, that wanted to be the first all Italian team to climb Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. The only problem was that he wasn't Italian. Therefore he substituted Graham for Gramicci, which seems to have stuck. Back in the early 1980's climbers were wearing colourful lycra tights. These tights worked great in terms of performance - they were stretchy, comfortable and made for good pictures on the mountain sides. However, Graham soon realised, that they didn't work well when the climb was over and it was time to grab lunch at a restaurant or have a meeting. At one occasion he even recalls being asked to leave a cafe, due to his climbing attire. The solution enden up being extremely simple. A small "gusset" (an extending piece of fabric in the crotch area) became the solution. With the addition of a simple nylon belt around the waist, Gramicci now had the perfect recipe for a pair of pants that performed both on and off the cliff. It quickly took over the climbing world and spread to other sub-cultures such as skateboarding. Ultimately, Gramicci stands strong as one of the original innovators in the outdoor apparel industry, right besides the likes of Patagonia and Ventura. To this day, Gramicci is a pillar of inspiration within outdoor, tech-wear and high performance apparel design.