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HALO is an acronym for the parachute jump "High Altitude, Low Opening", a military technique developed to get undetected into enemy territory. Obviously, this is no coincidence. The brand was founded by a professional soldier in The Danish Special Forces, who specialised in high altitude military parachute jumping. The materials, color schemes and designs are all very tied to the attire and gear used at the Tactical Wing of Air Force Base Aalborg. These military references have resulted in highly functional design, well developed, durable materials and, last but not least, a very unique look and feel. These aspects are born from rigorous testing in cooporation with soldiers from the Danish Special Forces. HALO has three different categories of design, alongside three different labels or "lines". The three categories express the versatility of their garments. They are categorised as: off-duty, training and uniform. The three simultaneously express a diversified product portfolio and a red-thread throughout the collections. They all line up around the centre of the brand ethos. HALO is strength, precision and functionality – designed for the determined athlete to whom training isn’t a hobby, but a lifestyle.These three categories are designed for individuals who set high expectations for themselves and have a true passion for being active. Along the same lines three other specifications provide contexts for the clothing. The first is 223. Named after the numbering on the prestigious Rigger Master parachute workshop at Aalborg Airbase, it includes styles like the Tech Pants, the HALO bomber jacket and the Hi-Vis Olive Parka. The second is the ATW line. An acronym for Aalborg Tactical Wing, the location in which all parachutes of the Special Forces are pre- and re-paired, the ATW line consists solely of styles in the tech-wear category and uses primarily synthetic and dry fit materials to enhance function and performance. These garments are inspired by the look and feel of nylon parachutes. The third and final HALO lane is FUT, short for Physical Education and Training (Fysisk Uddannelse & Træning) – the original training program, which many soldiers have repeated endlessly in the army gyms. FUT is off-duty training gear in soft cotton materials with clear references to the workout aesthetics of the original training program. All styles have an optimal fit and mix well with HALO tech-wear (ATW).