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Embracing the beauty of imperfection is one of Jade Cropper's core values. A fashion brand founded in Sweden in 2020 by designer, Jade Cropper. A brand that is not just about dressing people in her designs, but is embedded with principles of inclusion and sustainability. For Jade Cropper, beauty is found in the imperfect. A design must be quirky and off-balance to be interesting. Cropper challenges conventional notions of female beauty through her signature constructed designs in sustainable materials and handmade prints. She describes the design DNA behind the brand with words such as asymmetry, imperfection, femininity, and strength. Her collections must convey empowerment, self-confidence, and uniqueness. The inspiration for a collection can stem from anything from the desire to solve a sustainability issue, testing a new technique, or from the key persons in her life. “In my mind, I design for the person my grandmother was. Independent, powerful and not afraid to stand out" - Jade Cropper. The collections feature asymmetric tops and dresses, biker-inspired jackets and pants, and dresses with laced side slits, crafted from deadstock and recycled materials.