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For half a century, Kenzo has added positive energy and creative expression to the fashion industry by claiming a polychrome, bold and boundless fashion that pays homage to nature and cultural diversity by staging a successful encounter between European and Asian culture. The accession of Nigo, the godfather of streetwear, as Kenzo's new creative director marks the fashion house's entry into a new era, where his unwavering pioneering spirit shows the way to unite luxury fashion and streetwear in a harmonious dialogue. Kenzo was founded in 1970 by Kenzo Takada. A visionary, born and raised in Japan, and one of the first male fashion students, in an industry where men were not yet fully accepted. Later, Takada moved to Paris, opened his first store, and started Kenzo as we know it today. A brand characterized by its revolutionary and eclectic aesthetics, where breaking the rules creates the authenticity and originality that we all remember and love the brand for. They show the art of daring to be dared by their successful union between East and West, tradition and present. Kenzo' means "the wise one" - and is fitting choice for the brand, known for being at the forefront of the future. Their visionary attitude is seen in the choice of their new creative director, Nigo, who made streetwear ubiquitous. Nigo helped to make sure that streetwear got its own justification, and not only appeared as a revolt with luxury fashion. With his creative and innovative mindset, he safely leads Kenzo further into a new era, without compromising the brand's harmonious use of colors, daring values and optimistic creativity.