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Soft color palettes, stylish minimalism and timelessness are the essence of the Lemaire brand, which furthermore represents an arch-parisian approach to clothing design. All materials are carefully selected and hand-picked to ensure an uncompromising quality and aesthetics, and there is no doubt that the sophisticated collections created for everyday use, have their roots firmly planted in the good craftsmanship. Christophe Lemaire founded the French brand in 1992, and with prehistory from fashion houses such as Lacoste and Hermès his high experience is only underlined, in both men's and women's clothing. All collections are designed in the historic Le Marais district in Paris by Christophe Lemaire, his co-designer Sarah-Linh Tran and their talented team, all of whom ensure the discreet luxury of the Lemaire brand. All materials are woven in Europe or Japan, and hand-picked to ensure authenticity, durability, and originality. The inspiration for both design and construction also draws threads to Asian design, which can be seen in the deep pockets and stylish minimalism. The soft color palette with its neutral, down-to-earth, and muted shades highlights the clean lines of the design, ensuring that all designs can be used over time and reinterpreted across seasons. The Lemaire brand is a showdown against a fashion industry characterized by conceptual, artistic, and noisy fashion. Instead, the French-based design concept focuses on making usable products for the customers’ essential everyday wardrobe. Lemaire is an attractive brand for consumers wanting to build long-lasting wardrobes with lifelong investment pieces in contrast to the constantly changing fashion trends.