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Nanamica is the embodiment of Japanese luxury. Clean, well-balanced and sophisticated. Representing the perfect mix of classic menswear and technical sportswear, they manage to create garments that stand out, not because of loud designs, but because of the innovative use of high level tech fabrics. The clothing speaks for itself, and according to the founder and managing director of the brand, tech-wear legend, Eiichiro Homma, this is exactly what he intends. At Nanamica they don't believe in reinventing themselves every season. Instead they look inwards and focus on improving the execution of their existing designs. They see their garments as tools to support people's lifestyles. Especially those who enjoy being outdoors without compromising style for utility. As a long time passionate sailor, Homma himself embodies this philosophy. Furthermore, Nanamica translates to "House of the seven seas", a fitting name for the outdoor centric brand. Even though one of the main inspirations comes from Homma's outdoor lifestyle, the end-result encompasses much more than that. The exceptional use of high performing outdoor fabrics is their starting point, but the innovation happens as they use it to re-frame their clean-cut combination of classic menswear and vintage workwear. The end result is a functional, minimalistic and fashionable aesthetic. Although Eiichiro Homma wishes to make a clear distinction between the two, it can not be left out, that, while directing Nanamica, he is also the man behind the highly sought after The North Face Purple Label, a Japan exclusive TNF clothing line.