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With countless recognizable designs and a cutting-edge design ethos, Oakley has managed to capture the attention of both athletes and the fashion elite since the 90s. With their sharp colors, oversized and unique shapes and recognizable reflective glass, Oakley’s glasses have become an integral part of the streetwear uniform, which ensures that you stand out from the crowd. Oakley transforms performance wear into fashion statements, and the glasses can be seen on both the world’s best athletes, fashion tastemakers and musicians like Pharrell Williams. For decades Oakley’s has been the go-to brand for sports sunglasses with their use of influential athletes, but the brand has since the 90s evolved to become an important part of the fashion industry as well. They are dedicated to making the best sunglasses by letting invention show the way, and their innovative approach to design has resulted in Oakley breaking the conventions for eyewear, setting a new standard for design, performance, and protection. With their many years of experience and research with the world's best athletes from sports such as basketball, ski, cycling, golf, and tennis, they have created models such as Radar, Encoder, Plazma, Flak, and Sutro - all of which combine the highest performance with a sharp design profile. All models are equipped with their PRIZM lenses, which enhance color, contrast, and detail to optimize the user experience.