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Patagonia has been around for decades - reigning as one of the most authentic, relevant and conscious outdoor apparel labels out there. They seem to have hit a stride recently, as people become more and more aware of the irreparable damage the clothing industry is doing to the planet. When you inspect the origins of Patagonia, their activistic outlook on being an apparel manufacturer, becomes very clear. Founded in 1973 by American climber Yvon Chouinard, who by then had been rock climbing more or less full-time for 20 years, Patagonia was first and foremost performance-based climbing apparel. The clothing line was developed after a long period where Chouinard, his wife and friends had been living "illegally" in Yosemite national park at the start and formation of outdoor climbing culture in America. Living out of a car, eating tuna and poached squirrels, while climbing all day everyday and hiding from park rangers, became the everyday lifestyle of this free spirited collective. The need for clothing climbing gear with greater performance became the passion that sparked Patagonia's birth. Now, it has become become known and acknowledged as an outdoor staple reaching far wider than the climbing culture it sprang from. The vibrant, mountain-covered skyline that decorates t-shirts, bags, jackets and beanies alike, has become a symbol of environmental activism, outdoor lifestyle and quality. Patagonia is definitely a brand that deserves praise and support for their continuous social, environmental and political efforts to preserve and save nature for everyone.