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Rhuigi Villaseñor's Rhude is an LA based streetwear brand founded in 2015. The brand explores the dusty, yet exotic, urban aesthetic, native to Los Angeles. Hi-Tops, band tees and old school graphics are a small handfull of the urban silhouettes Rhuigi employs in his collections. Throwing on a pair of the iconic Jordan 1 inspired Rhude sneakers, matched with the classic long tube socks on a hot summer day will make any basketball field feel like a pick up game in West Hollywood anno 1985. There is a certain nostalgia and feel laced into Rhude's designs that make them more than just shoes and t-shirts. The fanatic streetwear knowledge Rhuigi has amassed growing up, and collecting clothes, in Los Angeles is reflected in every single piece—making the collections a coded reflection of his own lifestyle, rather that a series of clothing. Although the fruits of Rhugi's labor speak for itself, the road to his destination started far from 90210. He grew up in the Phillippines, which is were his interest in fashion originated. His first inspiration was oddly enough, his parents. In an interview with Forbes magazine he comments; "My Dad had Gucci swag! He'd rock Gucci clutches with loafers and a Polo shirt, tucked in. My mom had great taste, but she also knew how to create clothes for very little. She knew how to make patterns. She made incredible clothes. I watched her whole process." He greatly admired the style of dad, while studying the technical skills of his mother. Combined, his early upbringing was the perfect recipe for an aspiring streetwear designer. This would turn out to culminate later on when he moved in with his aunt, in her 1 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, at age 11. In order to fit in he not only had to study a new language, but also a new culture. Air Jordans, bandanas and vintage designer clothes was his way into a new lifestyle of streetwear, hip-hop and fashion. Ultimately, Rhude stands as an authentic representation of a lifestyle, culture and aesthetic that started in urban Los Angeles, California, but turned into the hearts of youth in-the-know across the globe.