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Stockholm (Surfboard) Club is a Swedish fashion brand and was founded in 2019 by the co-founder of Acne Studio, Manne Glad and CEO Anton Edberg. The two met at Acne Studio and quickly found out that they both had a great love for both fashion, art and good craftsmanship. We don't see Stockholm Surfboard Club as a fashion brand in that sense, we are more a surf brand and a lifestyle - Manne Glad. Surfboards and wetsuits are just a small part of Stockholm (Surfboard) Club's large range, where you can find everything from T-shirts, hoodies, jackets and knitwear to accessories such as caps, beanies, buckethats and bags. Manne Glad likes to play with colours, prints and patterns when it comes to design. Pink, blue, beige, green, orange are just a few of the colors you come across when you explore the brand's large selection of clothes and accessories.The name Stockholm (Surfboard) Club is not entirely accidental. The brand started shortly before the Corona pandemic, and the idea with the new brand was to create a forum where creative souls could meet, not only to talk about surfboards, but also for concerts, events and for recreational artists.Stockholm Surfboard Club, Edberg and Glad share the best of both worlds – city and country, work and play – with all who would be members - Vogue.