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Do you recognize the name, Eli RusselLinnetz (which initials also creates the brand name), but do not remember him as a fashion designer? Instead, you may have seen him credited for his work as an artist, photographer, or stage designer for some of the world’s greatest artists.What was initially supposed to be a single collection of t-shirtsbecame such a big hit, that it developed into an entire brand,ERL– characterized by a playful, colorful, and unpretentious design language. As a lifelong resident of Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Linnetz can be described as a typical Californian. The distinctive LA-character are seen surfing, playing sports, and hanging in the edge of the Hollywood culture, and creates the narrative, that forms the inspiration for the bright, playful, and atmospheric collections from ERL. The Venice Beach spirit is spoken through a design language of pastel and neon-colored designs, which is a welcoming change from the neutral palettes that often dominate the fashion scene. Best described by Linnetz himself; black is not part of his vocabulary. With his talented design voice, and as an advocate for contemporary culture, Linnetz manages to create a brand that balances maximalism and minimalism - and with ease conveys his own nostalgic memories through contrasting and playful designs. The inspiration most often stems from his own life events, which are manifested in his eccentric, mischievous collections that unite his memories, moods, and thoughts. This creates the intimacy that physically connects him with his followers and causes the brand to emerge as his creative outlet.