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New York-based Khaite (pronounced “Kate”) has managed to break the internet with a matching cashmere bra and cardigan, which people four years later still are on waiting lists for. This event also created the foundation for the brand's breakthrough and current success. This only emphasizes that the brand has managed to create indispensable wardrobe classics, which are worth the wait, like the Scarlet cardigan or Martin Jeans. Vogue claims that Khaite can be identified from afar with its laisses-faire luxuriousness and we are convinced, the reason is the balanced and harmonious encounter between a masculine and feminine universe, combined with their language of sensuality and lightness. Behind New York-based Khaite is designer Cathrine Holstein, who founded the brand I 2016. Holstein has a background from Parsons School of Design and brands like Vera Wang and Gap. Khaite is committed to creating objects from the best qualities on the market, because according to Holstein, the fabric makes up 80 percent of a design's appeal. Therefore, the quality of the materials must be the highest priority. This commitment is evident in the collection, which features the most exceptional materials with an outstanding detailing, making each item from the collection a must-have.