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Founded in 1936 in Turin, Italy, Oscalito has established itself as a beacon of excellence in the realm of underwear and knitwear, distinguished by its unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity. Through the decades, this family-owned business has meticulously developed lines of undergarments and knitwear, utilizing only the finest natural fibers to create products that embody both luxury and comfort. What sets Oscalito apart is its steadfast commitment to preserving and championing the tradition of Made in Italy craftsmanship. For over 80 years, the brand has eschewed the temptations of outsourcing and mass production, opting instead to maintain complete control over its supply chain. From the initial stages of pattern creation to the final touches of finishing, every aspect of production takes place within the confines of its Turin factory. This hands-on approach ensures that each garment meets the brand's exacting standards, characterized by superior quality and attention to detail. In an industry marked by standardization and depersonalization, Oscalito remains a steadfast advocate for the artisanal tradition. This commitment is epitomized by the brand's adoption of RFID technology, a cutting-edge solution that guarantees the traceability of every single garment. By affixing RFID labels to its products, Oscalito empowers consumers to trace the journey of their clothing, from the looms of Turin to the shelves of retailers worldwide.