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At first glance Our Legacy might seem like another rendition of Scandinavian minimalism, comparable to the likes of Acne Studios. Their menswear collections are backboned by incredible basics and must haves for every man. However, if you dive in a bit deeper you will start to sense a very alternative approach to fashion design, where one-of-kind products are the core focus.

The products are mostly made from recognizable silhouettes but become severely uplifted by meticulously curated fabrics and a unique aesthetic, allowing them to stand out without losing touch with the overarching concept of classical menswear; a concept that has always been at the very root of Our Legacy.

An interesting fact about the brand is, that they have never done a fashion show. According to the creative leadership of Our Legacy, Jockum Hallin and Christopher Nying, their aesthetic has always been detached from ‘fashion’. They simply wish to create pure and outstanding products, without the constraints of being a ‘fashion’ brand.

Therefore, anti-fashion has always been one of the pillars in their ideology. This can be seen in their normcore approach to styling. For them design doesn’t have to be over the top or glamourous to be distinguishable, they would rather focus on fabrics, aesthetics and longevity. In a sense, they should be seen as more of a product-focused company than a fashion brand. In the early beginnings of Our Legacy (2005-2007) Hallin and Nying knew that the direction they sought to explore, had to renounce fast-paced consumerism. To them, this meant creating collections that weren’t driven by trend-based detailing, prints and accessories. Instead, they realized the potential of a timeless and effortless appeal by focusing on quality and comfort. Fast forward to 2012, perhaps the most remarkable year in Our Legacy’s “legacy”. After a small hiatus following an intense five-year period of designing largely homogeneous, basic and classical menswear, the design team led by the two founders, decided to take a more experimental, conceptual and progressive approach to the design of their collections. This was a natural reflection of Jockum and Christopher’s deep personal interest in contemporary art and aesthetics.

What didn’t change (and was actually fortified) is Our Legacy’s drive to achieve timelessness and the highest possible level of sustainability. This drive resulted, among other things, in the opening of the “Our Legacy Workshop” in Stockholm, a concept focused on upcycling archived Our Legacy garments. It works as both a store and a design studio where designers are invited to work with the fabrics and products available and give it new life.

“The fundamental idea is to give renewed value to our old stuff—with another touch, its value can increase. I’m not talking about value as in money. […] I mean aesthetically, by adding something to it. A suit becomes a piece of art, a winter coat becomes three bags.”

Jockum Hallin - Co-founder & creative director

Recent collaborative creations include stools by the modernist furniture design company Artek, a collection with the iconic streetwear brand Stüssy and a fully upcycled capsule for London based retailer LN-CC. This concept and the creations it birthed, reiterates the intense focus on process and products that Our Legacy has zoned in on since the very beginning.