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Durability, comfort, quality, and timelessness are the essence of the French shoe brand, Paraboot.The respect for the natural anatomy of the foot ensures that the shoe adapts to the foot, not the other way around. The "Made in France"-label is a symbol of the shoe's origin and the exclusivity and quality that characterizes the shoe brand. Since 1927 Paraboot has manufactured shoes in the best quality with a high level of detail. Founder Rémy Richard was a well-traveled gentleman, who often attended world fairs to be inspired by new technologies. The name Paraboot is created from two parts:‘Para’stands as a reference to the Brazilian city, where the raw materials for the original sole’s origins and‘boot’to memorize the discovery of the boots, that later inspired the idea for Paraboot. The company has gained recognition for its craftsmanship and has gained the award "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" given by the French State.The classic derby shoe, Michael, sold in stoy, is a true classic. It’s sewn by hand and consists of a moccasin upper in calfskin – a natural and breathable material, and a sole in real rubber.